Student Progress and Usage Assessment

Upon the completion of the Fall 2014 semester, 179 Honors College freshmen had created and shared ePortfolios in Drive. Of those, 3 were identified as having exemplary portfolios, often including materials not outlined in the HC requirements. 22 were identified as using the ePortfolio extensively, meaning that they have the required Academic Material, as well as additional material in other folders. 49 shared moderately, which was defined as having four or more artifacts in the majority of course folders. 52 met the minimum requirements, with at least one-three artifacts in the majority of course folders. 32 only shared the folder without content; 26 either shared only their College Objectives from First Class or nothing at all. 11 shared their folders or material incorrectly, either not following the required structure or not using the correct share setting.

Furthermore, 5 URLCs used ePortfolios in their courses, sharing those materials with the ePortfolio Coordinator.