Project Description

The 2014-2015 academic year marked the start of the ePortfolio program for Old Dominion University’s Honors College. Through several stages, the Honors College continues to develop the program, establishing policies, a support infrastructure, and assessment to ascertain its essay writers effectiveness and ensuring its continued progress. Our ePortfolio program emphasizes an archival habit of mind with multiple formative reflection opportunities. Students keep everything as organized potentialities that they can actualize in formative or summative presentation portfolios in a variety of situations from advising to applications for graduate schools and employment.

In order to implement such an initiative, the Honors College established the new position of an ePortfolio Learning Coordinator, which is currently a part-time (20 hours per week) Graduate Assistantship occupied by a doctoral student. The Coordinator serves several functions: designing ePortfolio policy, marketing the ePortfolio program, designing and facilitating workshops related to ePortfolio technology and content development (for both instructors and students), offering Open Lab opportunities (available to instructors and students), advising students on the development of curricular ePortfolios, presenting progress and conclusions to various relevant campus and national organizations, and assessing the effectiveness of the ePortfolio program.