Program Material

Much of the scholarship about electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) collects data from students upon completion of an ePortfolio assignment (for example: Fink, 2001; Campbell, Melenyzer, Nettler, & Wyman, 2002; Corbett, LaFrance, Giacomini, & Fournier, 2013). Before there is a final, presentation portfolio, students require a larger archive, of multimodal materials from which to pull when they present and reflect. In ODU’s Honor College, we specifically focus on students’ goal making,  goal revising, and multimodal artifacts they collected for their archival ePortfolios.

Program and Scaffolding Materials

The ePortfolio Learning Coordinator generated a series of assignment templates for instructors and students within Undergraduate Research Learning Communities, as well as programmatic material regarding curricular archive portfolios.


The ePortfolio Learning Coordinator created and ran workshops for instructors connected to the HC as well as for students.

Support Materials

In addition to workshops, Open Labs, and office hours, the ePortfolio Learning Coordinator produced a series of Newsletters, initiated a Youtube Channel, and proposed eP Peer Mentors.

Program Marketing

The HC ePortfolio program has been advertised in a number of ways, both to students and parents, the campus community, and in national forums.


In order to facilitate theoretical research on eP best practices, create and employ assessment instruments, and publish on the HC initiative, the ePortfolio Coordinator represented the Honors College in an ePortfolio Research and Assessment Group. Upon the conclusion of the Fall 2014 semester, that group produced a coding instrument to observe student usage of ePortfolios in their first semester.

Student Progress and Usage Assessment

The 2014 cohort’s ePortfolios are assessed four times a year, twice a semester. The mid-semester review functions as an additional reminder to students to continually update their portfolio. The end of semester review allows us to assess student progress upon the completion of the semester.