Current Presentation, DIY Advising

DIY Advising: ePortfolios as a Site for Self-DeterminationHC Logo

We are developing an eportfolio program that emphasizes an “archival habit of mind” along with multiple formative reflection opportunities. Students “keep everything” as organized potentialities that they can actualize in formative or summative presentation portfolios in a variety of situations from advising to applications for graduate schools and employment.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.36.45 PMAs we began to consider the ways in which ePortfolios will tie into the students’ advising sessions, we posed the following questions:

  • What are the goals of advising?
  • What is the course of a typical Honors College Advising Session?
  • How much time can be devoted to ePortfolios?
  • How can an ePortfolio help students to do [X,Y,Z] in an advising session? (reflecting on goals, designing success plans, etc).

ePortfolio Program:

  • How can an ePortfolio help with advising goals?
  • When can an ePortfolio address specific advising goals?
  • Can the ePortfolio help students to become more responsible for their education?

Honors College Advising Syllabus, an Example